Richie Incognito drops F-bomb on Twitter, goes nuclear on Vikings coach Mike Zimmer

If the NFL handed out an award for weirdest offseason, that honor would almost certainly go to Richie Incognito this year. 

Over the past four months, the former Bills offensive lineman has constantly been in the headlines. First, he announced his retirement, then he decided he didn't actually want to retire, so he asked the Bills to release him so he could play football for someone else, which the team eventually did. Oh, and he also fired his agents on Twitter and got arrested for attacking someone at a gym

As if that's not enough, Incognito now has a beef with someone in the NFL and that someone is Vikings coach Mike Zimmer. This situation started simmering a few weeks ago when Incognito, who's currently a free agent, listed several teams that might be interested in him for 2018.  

"I'm mulling all options right now, I'm not sure," Incognito told TMZ on July 31. "I'm just enjoying the offseason right now. I'm a free agent and that's it. I've had calls from Minnesota, Seattle. I really just don't want to go to training camp, so we'll see."

To find out if the Vikings were actually interested in Incognito, someone asked Zimmer about the situation on Tuesday, and let's just say, the Vikings coach shot down Incognito's story. 

"No interest, and totally false. Tweet that," Zimmer said. 

After Incognito saw what Zimmer said, he exploded on Twitter. First, he called the Vikings coach a "F---ING LIAR."

Richie Incognito went nuclear on Mike Zimmer Twitter

That's a pretty harsh tweet considering it's coming from someone who was just named the leader of an anti-bullying campaign in July

Also, if there was ever ANY chance that Incognito might play for the Vikings, we can probably all agree that it went out the door with that tweet. 

After sending that tweet, Incognito wasn't done. The free agent offensive lineman then sent out several other tweets that allegedly showed him corresponding through text with Vikings offensive line coach Tony Sparano. The texts with Sparano were allegedly sent earlier this year, before Sparano passed away on July 22

The first problem for Incognito is that he said he had calls from the Vikings, implying that the team called him. However, that's definitely not what happened. As his own text shows, Incognito reached out to Sparano. 

Richie Incognito appears to have reached out to the Vikings. Twitter

The second problem for Incognito is that Sparano never really says the Vikings are actually interested in signing him or even remotely interested.

Apparently, Incognito eventually realized that calling out an NFL coach and sharing texts from a deceased assistant wasn't the best look, which is probably why he decided to delete all of his tweets about the Vikings on Tuesday night. Incognito also sent out a personal apology to Zimmer. 

After sending out the apology, the 35-year-old then offered a possible explanation for why his offseason has been so crazy. 

"I'll be the first to admit it. I've been a bit off the reservation lately," Incognito tweeted. "I've been a little stressed."

That being said, the final problem for Incognito is that if he can't land a job with the Vikings, he's going to have trouble landing a job with anyone. The Vikings are having a tough time keeping their offensive line healthy right now, and if any team could use an extra body, it's them. As things currently stand, Incognito's best chance of finding a job will probably come if a team suffers a season-ending injury on the line before the end of training camp. 

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