Richie Incognito insults Jonathan Martin's agent on Twitter, deletes it

Perhaps a free Richie Incognito shouldn't tweet so much. (USATSI)
Perhaps a free Richie Incognito shouldn't tweet so much. (USATSI)

Recently-unsuspended Dolphins guard Richie Incognito has been busy on Twitter lately. First, he wished well his soon-to-be-former teammate Jonathan Martin and supported his return to the NFL in 2014, and later, he announced that he'd be cool with hazing Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley.

But on Thursday, he thought better of a tweet in which he ripped Martin's agent and deleted it. But this is the Internet and nothing really disappears. Thus ...

Perhaps Incognito was making mention of that general thought process around the Internet that since thousands of text messages between Martin and Incognito were made public, the idea that Martin was Incognito's innocent victim got tougher to believe. Instead, the messages made it seem that the two were close friends and that Martin playfully insulted Incognito just as much as Incognito insulted Martin.

It was also reported Wednesday night that the findings of the Ted Wells investigation into the Dolphins locker room and whether Incognito had bullied Martin wouldn't be ready for another week or two. In response, Incognito tweeted the following to Wells' law firm:

Personally -- and I think this is something on which most of us would agree -- maybe it's time for Incognito to lay off Twitter for a little while. Because, at this point, it's not making him shine in the best light.

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