Richie Incognito smashed own Ferrari with baseball bat

If you're attempting to look stable, one thing you probably shouldn't do is smash your own Ferrari with a baseball bat. That's what Richie Incognito allegedly did this week.

TMZ reported Wednesday that Incognito -- recently portrayed poorly in the Ted Wells report on the Dolphins hazing scandal -- had his Ferrari beat up with a baseball bat in front of his Arizona home.

Now TMZ reports they were told by the Scottsdale Police Department that Incognito admitted to smashing the Ferrari with a bat by himself.

In the video on the site, the Ferrari appears parked in front of a house, and it looks like the car is parked in the yard. 

There is a baseball bat lying in front of the car and it appears that part of the bat is lodged in the grill of the Ferrari. 

We'll see what actually comes out from the police, but if it was indeed Incognito who smashed the Ferrari, it's very much not a good look for a guy who's appearing to look less like an out-of-control, violent person.

I'm pretty sure insurance won't cover that either.

Photo via TMZ

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