Richie Incognito supports Jonathan Martin's return to football in 2014

Jonathan Martin has been wished well by Richie Incognito. (USATSI)
Jonathan Martin has been wished well by Richie Incognito. (USATSI)

Although the Dolphins lifted the suspension of guard Richie Incognito on Tuesday, it seems highly unlikely that either Incognito or tackle Jonathan Martin will return to play for Miami next year.

And though you might think Incognito would harbor bad feelings for Martin -- and vice versa -- that doesn't appear to be the case, at least in the Twitterverse.

Martin, for his part, has mostly remained silent since the news broke that he had left the team due to what he said was bullying and harassment. He did have a recent interview with Tony Dungy in which he said he felt trapped, but he hasn't addressed the issue on Twitter. Instead, he's recently expressed his sympathy for Peyton Manning and talked about how he's working out at Stanford.

Making matters even murkier was the leak of thousands of text messages between Incognito and Martin in which it appeared as though the two were good friends.

Not necessarily true, Martin told Dungy.

“I worked hard to be friends with Richie Incognito and others,” he said, via the Palm Beach Post. “I thought it was important to build these friendships with your teammates. So I turned the microscope back on myself and said ‘What am I doing wrong to be treated like this?’”

As for his own actions within the Dolphins locker room, Martin said, “I was trying with all my being to do whatever I could to be a member of this culture and of the offensive line.”

Either way, chances are they won't be on the same team next year and really won't have much reason to communicate going forward.

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