Richie Incognito would like his name 'CLEARED.'
Richie Incognito would like his name 'CLEARED.' (USATSI)

Much of the speculation surrounding the absence of Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin centers around bullying. The Dolphins tried to quash that on Sunday morning. Some of the speculation's had guard Richie Incognito's name specifically attached to that. Incognito isn't happy about that.

In fact, the Fins guard took to Twitter on Sunday morning and went after both ESPN and Adam Schefter specifically, urging the reporter to "stop slandering my name."

Incognito continued his Twitter rant by claiming that this is the "second time" Schefter has attempted to "drag my name through the mud with lies."

And he also a demanded an apology from ESPN, although it doesn't appear he's banking on it happening.

In case you can't pick up on it, Incognito isn't happy about this whole thing and would like his name "CLEARED."

In case you don't think Incognito's got a point, go check his Twitter replies. Fans don't seem to believe him, regardless of what he says. That's the biggest problem with having your name attached to an issue like this: it's hard to get the process reversed.

Incognito's dealing with that right now.