Rob Ford thinks Mike Shanahan was right to bench RG3

Mike Shanahan and Rob Ford are like-minded when it comes to RG3. (USATSI/CBC)
Last week, Toronto mayor Rob Ford said the Redskins shouldn't change their name. Now he's sharing his thoughts on the Robert Griffin III situation.

“RG3, he’s injured,” Ford said during his weekly appearance on Washington, DC's 106.7 The Fan (via Sports Bog). “Like I said last week, guys, he’s bad and it even looked worse last week. And [coach Mike Shanahan] can’t keep playing this kid. You’re gonna lose him.

"You know what? You gotta either think now, or think into the future," Ford continued. "And I personally think, yeah, sit him. Find out what’s wrong with his knee. Get it fixed and let him play, or else he’s gonna ruin his career. It’s something that has to be done.”

Put another way: Rob Ford and Mike Shanahan are on the same side of this argument.

It gets better.

Shanahan, who by most accounts is trying to get fired, remains the Redskins' best option, according to Ford.

“You know what? Shanahan’s a good coach,” the mayor said, no doubt ignoring Shanahan's 24-37 record in Washington. “He’s proven he can win. But, who else is there to replace him? You gotta look at your alternatives. You can’t just say, ‘See you later,’ and you might be bringing in someone worse. "

That seems impossible. But Ford did say that, ultimately, it comes down to "if the players can’t play for him."

"It’s ownership and it’s a decision I understand, but it’s really the players," he continued. "You talk to the players and the players come out to the owner and say they just can’t play for him, then he has to go. But it’s really inside baseball. I’ve been there, I’ve coached. It’s really a tough call to make.”

Maybe the Redskins' next coach should be Rob Ford.

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