Rob Gronkowski did exactly the kind of stuff you think he did in high school

Most professional athletes played multiple sports growing up. While some have laser focus on one sport their whole lives, others play two or even three for a while before making a decision.

One of those such players was none other than Rob Gronkowski. He was a high school basketball player. Take a look at teen Gronk:

What kinds of things did Gronk do as a member of his high school hoops team? Well, you can see in the picture above that his hobbies were sports, working out, and chicks. That sounds exactly like the Gronk we've come to know. But there's also this:

Well, that also sounds exactly like Gronk. We should probably note that he's on 69 career touchdowns right now, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised if he decides to just never cross the goal line again, even if there's no one standing between him and a touchdown.

CBS Sports Writer

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