Rob Gronkowski discusses Tim Tebow and would 'take his virginity'

Taken out of context, Rob Gronkowski saying that he would [make love] to "Tim Tebow to take his virginity" would probably be construed in all kinds of inappropriate ways.

Taken in the context of Gronk playing a game of "murder, make love or kill" (not the technical name, but this is a family friendly site), well, it's still inappropriate. But that's where the Patriots tight end found himself recently -- on some kind of stage, being asked to play "MMF."

For those that don't know, in this game, you're given a list of three people and have to choose one for each of "murder," "marry" and "make love." Gronk, who appears to be sitting on some sort of stage at a high school, picks tebow for "make love" and explains why.

It's a funny moment (and, by the by, it comes to us via Jimmy Traina of, but it's also probably something that Gronk would rather not get out in the public. Or maybe he doesn't care -- it's not like people filming him has stopped him from caring about what he does before.

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