Rob Gronkowski explains how he's putting on weight for his return to the NFL and gives a training update

Immediately after former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski retired there were rumors that he would end up returning to football. Once that started not to happen, and the once mighty Gronk appeared much skinnier than he was in his NFL days, fans figured he might actually stay retired.

The three-time Super Bowl champion surprised many this offseason by joining his old quarterback Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The trade was all worked out, now all he had to do was pack on the pounds not only to get back to his destructive ways on the field, but so people would stop asking him about his weight.

The 31-year-old joined CBS Sports HQ to discuss how he is building muscle in preparation for the 2020 season and his highly anticipated return.

When asked if he's starting to put his NFL weight back on, Gronk flexed and said, in his very Gronk way, "Yeah baby. Yeah, you know it."

He gave anyone doubting his weight some reassurance saying: 

"I'm basically four more protein shakes from being at my playing weight, so I'm excited about that and I'll definitely be at my weight when it's time to go."

He said now he's at 257 pounds, but his weight dropped lower than it's been in his adult life during his off time.

"My lowest I got to was 240 [pounds] and I felt good, I've been above 260 pounds basically my whole entire life, since my senior year in high school," he said.

The TE said even though he has to work to add the weight on now, losing the 20 pounds was not all negative.

"It felt good just to drop that weight, you know ease-up my joints, let my body free, I kinda felt like that weight was bloated weight too so it felt good to get rid of it and now it's time to build back upon it," he said.

Through retirement, weight loss and his return announcement the newest Bucs star has found a new way to train. 

"Putting lean muscle on my body and getting ready for the NFL season like I never have before," No. 87 said. "It's a different way, different type of training style that I'm doing."

After joining the Bucs, Gronk announced he found his "fire" again and was ready to hit the field.

In addition to being back on the field, Gronkowski will be appearing on a new sports comedy entertainment show on CBS called "GAME ON!" 

Comedian, actor and creator Keegan-Michael Key will be hosting, with Venus Williams and Gronk serving as team captains. Actor Bobby Lee and writer Ian Karmel will serve as comedian panelists.

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