Rob Gronkowski mans drive-thru at local Dunkin Donuts

Yo soy espresso. (Patriots Facebook Page)

Rob Gronkowski caught a lot of flak for his post-Super Bowl partying, when he was spotted dancing around on a busted ankle hours after the Patriots lost to the Giants.

This was a serious crime against humanity, because 20-something superstar athletes aren't supposed to enjoy themselves, obviously. Whatever, anything involving Gronk still remains hysterical and entertaining, if only because it's easy to imagine him saying something like "You Soy Fiesta" or something involving Jagerbombs.

And I need no further proof of this than the fact that Gronk spent the morning manning the drive-thru at a Dunkin Donuts. Yes, it's because they're paying him to endorse their product, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable a spectacle.

Gronk dons the headset. (Patriots Facebook Page)

Gronk mans the drive-thru. (Patriots Facebook Page)
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