Rob Gronkowski responds to wild trade rumors, takes private jet to Belmont Stakes

One day after some wild rumors started to swirl about the possibility that the Patriots might try to trade away Rob Gronkowski, Gronk was asked about those rumors, and let's just say, it doesn't sound like he thinks a trade is coming anytime soon. 

Before heading to New York for the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, Gronk spent some time in Massachusetts, where he hosted the first day of his youth football camp. During a brief session with the media, Gronk was asked what he thought about all the rumors. 

"It just shows how much fake news is out there. Hashtag fake news," Gronk said. "That's all I know. It's true. It exists. See it all the time about me."

And just to be clear, that's not me inserting a "#FakeNews" into Gronk's quote, Gronk actually said "hashtag fake news."

Patriots fans were on end for most of the day on Friday after a rumor spread that Gronk might be traded. 

Of course, if Gronk was going to be traded, someone forgot to tell Bill Belichick, because he spent the day in New York City with his long time girlfriend, Linda Holliday. 

That does not look like a guy who was working the phones trying to trade Gronk on Friday. 

As fate would have it, Gronk and Belichick are actually going to be at the same place on Saturday because they're both going to be attending the Belmont Stakes. 

Belichick arrived to Belmont Park shortly before 2 p.m. and was apparently in no mood to field any questions from the media. 

As for Gronk, after his football camp ended, he jumped on a private jet with his family so he could get to Belmont Park in time for the start of the race, which has a post time of 6:37 p.m. ET. 

Although most people at the race will likely be rooting for Justify to win the Triple Crown, Gronk's family will be rooting for Gronkowski the horse. 

Yes, there is a horse named Gronkowski in the race and yes, he is partially owned by the non-horse version of Gronk. Gronkowski the horse was supposed to run in the Kentucky Derby, but he was scratched from the race after he came down with an infection. 

After the infection healed, the horse was entered into the Belmont, and fittingly, his odds for winning the race opened up at 69-to-1. 

Gronk the human was actually asked this week if he's excited about watching his horse run in the Belmont Stakes.   

"I'm excited," Gronk said on June 5. "[Gronk the horse] was supposed to race in the Kentucky Derby, but it got sick, so they didn't fly it across the country to it. It's pretty wild. I heard about the horse like a year ago and I saw it and I was like 'that's cool.'" 

Right now, everything's coming up Gronk. As everyone knows, Gronk's favorite number is 69, which would make it quite fitting if Gronk the horse were to win the Belmont Stakes on 6-9 after opening at 69-to-1 odds. 

One person who probably won't be cheering for Gronk the horse is Belichick. The Patriots coach is attending the Belmont Stakes as a guest of Sol Kumin, who happens to be a part owner of Justify, which means Belichick will probably be cheering for that horse. 

Who knows, if Gronk the horse wins and crushes Justify's Triple Crown dreams, maybe Belichick will trade Gronk the human, but probably not. 

For the latest on the Belmont Stake's and Justify's bid to win the Triple Crown, be sure to click here and follow along in our live blog

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