Rob Gronkowski might be retired, but it doesn't sound like he's completely slammed the door closed on the idea of returning to the NFL. 

Gronk and his girlfriend, Camille Kostek, showed up at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Wednesday, and like any good awards show, every celebrity had to do dozens of interviews while walking the red carpet.

During one of his interviews, Gronk was asked if he's actually retired, which he's apparently been asked hundreds of times since March 24, when he officially announced his retirement

"I've got that question many times," Gronk said, via the official Twitter account of the Billboard Music Awards. "I mess with people, I say 'fake retired' to half the people, I say I'm coming back next week, but yes, I'm actually retired. But I like to mess around, sometimes tell people I'm really not."

Judging by that statement, it doesn't sound like Gronk ever plans on making a comeback. However, as the conversation continued, Gronk said something slightly more interesting: He conceded there was at least a chance that he might be able to convince himself to return. 

"You never know, if you mess around that much about it, I might convince myself [to return]," Gronk said. "I kind of like [retirement] right now, I'm resting, recovering, I'm feeling good. It's all going good."

Gronk might like retirement now, but what happens if he gets the itch to play later on this year? 

Gronk's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, tried to answer that question in March and he believes that Gronk would consider coming back to play a "few games" if the Patriots needed him. 

Of course, as things stand now, Gronk is retired, and he seems to be enjoying retirement more than anyone ever. Not only did he show up at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, but he got to play a key role: Gronk was part of the opening skit that also featured Kelly Clarkson and country music's Florida Georgia Line. 

In the video below, you can see security guard Gronk kicking Clarkson out of her spot because she's sitting in a seat that belongs to Florida Georgia Line. 

"We need all the seat fillers to move," Gronkowski said.

If Gronk had been playing a security guard last month, maybe the Lombardi Trophy wouldn't have gotten dented

Anyway, booting Kelly from her seat wasn't the only thing Gronk did at the awards show. The former Patriots tight end also teamed up with Terry Crews to present the award for best rap song. 

Gronk and Crews handed the award to Cardi B, who went home as the winner. 

If you're wondering what the highlight of Gronk's night was, well, based on his reaction in the video below, it might have been when he got to watch Paula Abdul dance. 

On the other hand, maybe Gronk actually enjoyed everyone equally, because he also seemed pretty excited about the Jonas Brothers

If Gronk enjoys every night as much as he enjoyed his time at the Billboard Music Awards, then he's probably never going to come out of retirement.