Rob Gronkowski spikes Megatron in Madden challenge to Calvin Johnson

We've already pointed you to one of Rob Gronkowski's viral videos that he's using to try and make the cover of EA Sports "Madden 13."

Well, Gronk continued to make meathead magic on Monday with his latest installment on homemade virality.

In this instance, Gronk is matched up head-to-head with Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson for the semifinals (I believe) of the Madden tournament.

So, naturally, after doing 100 pushups to techno music, Gronk decides he should play some Madden. Who will super-sweaty Gronk play against? Why, actually Megatron!

"Not only did I lead the league in touchdown receptions, I also had a rushing TD," Gronkowski says to the toy robot. "And you're challenging me in Madden? You're crazy. Let's play."

Gronk and the Pats line up near the goal line against the Lions (burn!) and then touchdowns and destruction occur, of course. It's also worth noting that the "lead the league in touchdown receptions" is a pretty solid potshot at Calvin Johnson. It'll be interesting to see how he responds. (And hopefully it's with "nice contract, bro.")

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