Rob Gronkowski with a stuffed alligator, 'Sorry for Partying' tanktop

Gronk party don't stop, y'all. (

Every time that you think Rob Gronkowski has done the most Rob Gronkowski thing ever, he manages to out-Gronk himself. And with that in mind, we'll point out the latest example of the Summer of Gronk, Part Deux, raging onward: Gronk hanging out at Universal Studios with a stuffed alligator while wearing a bright green "Sorry for Partying" tanktop.

The picture comes via Instagram user meli_garcia, a Boston transplant who ran into Gronk while the Patriots tight end was (we assume) doing some sort of promotional thing that involved taking pictures with kids.

While he was wearing a bright green tanktop and holding a stuffed alligator.

Gronk tried to tell Mel no dice on getting a picture with him, but per a reply that she made on the comments beside the Instagram picture, she managed to convince him:

he was cool! first said he was only takin pics with kids but I persuaded him... he said my entrance fee would be making out with the alligator stuffed animal, but he didn't think I'd say yes to doing it lol #clearlydoesntknowme

There's some angst emerging around Gronk's exploits. Former Patriots player-turned NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest thinks someone needs to have a chat with the tight end.

But I'm much more in the Logan Mankins camp here. Dude is just "a big meathead that likes to party and play football." He's not out breaking the law. He even apologizes when he crosses the line. And it's not his fault people love taking pictures of his bizarre, hilarious and often big-hearted exploits.

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