Rob Gronkowski's 109-yard game somehow fails to impress the Bills defense

The Bills are sour, but not necessarily about their embarrassing performance against the Patriots on Sunday. After they fell by 16 points to their rivals in the AFC East, Rex Ryan conceded that they have no shot at catching them in the standings.

The Bills are sour about Rob Gronkowski. At least, that's how they sound.

Here's Bills linebacker Zach Brown talking about the Patriots tight end, who also doubles as the most unstoppable force in the the NFL, via The Boston Globe:

"I'm more impressed with [Martellus] Bennett than Gronk," Bills linebacker Zach Brown added. "When Tom Brady wasn't here, you didn't hear [Gronkowski]. But when Tom Brady comes back he knows where to place it, how to place it, and he uses Gronk's size to his advantage."

"As far as blocking, no, I do not think he's one of the best. Bennett is probably a better blocker."

And here's Bills safety Corey Graham, via The Boston Globe again:

"He uses his body well, but he's got Tom Brady," Bills safety Corey Graham said. "I mean, Tom Brady's Tom Brady."

It's weird that the Bills aren't impressed with Gronk, because this is what Gronk did them Sunday: catch five passes, rack up 109 yards, and score on a 53-yard passing play. And, oh yeah, that touchdown set a franchise record for the most ever.

He was unstoppable, like he always is:

It wasn't just that touchdown. It was also him carrying the entire Bills defense in the fourth quarter.

This snapshot seems fitting:


For once, it was Rex Ryan who came out sounding smart and reasonable.

"He's pretty danged good," Ryan said. "He's a phenomenal player and he's been that way for a long time."

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