A few weeks back when Cam Newton scored a touchdon and did the "Dab" end zone dance, there were several days filled with a discussion about whether the Panthers quarterback was celebrating appropriately. 

One person in particular, a concerned mother/Titans fan, even wrote a letter complaining about Cam's "pelvic thrusts" in the end zone. (Even though there were no pelvic thrusts.) 

Naturally when Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce "hit the quan" (a popular dance move) after scoring in the third quarter, there was outrage.

Just kidding. There was zero outrage. No one even seemed to care, despite the fact that Kelce's dance involved infinitely more pelvic thrusting than Newton's. (Nevermind that within a week after Cam dabbed, every single old guy who coaches football for a living was doing the same thing.) 

ESPN's Robert Flores, appearing on SportsCenter Monday morning, posited a theory on why: Kelce isn't being criticized "because he's not black." 

“Wondering why there’s no letters to the editor, or why First Take‘s not doing ‘Should Travis Kelce be dancing in the end zone?’" Flores asked. "They didn’t. I wonder why they’re not doing that … oh because he’s not black.”

Kelce got no criticism for his touchdown dance. (USATSI)