Robert Griffin III: 'People that know me ... know I'm not a selfish guy'

RG3 knocks back a G Series Energy Chew before his on-field work Thursday at IMG. (Gatorade)

On Thursday, a report was published that pegged Robert Griffin III as a player with "a selfish streak." And I talked to RG3, who's down at IMG in Florida training at the Gatorade Sports Science Lab, about that report, and he did exactly what you'd think he would: take the high road.

Asked if he was surprised by such a claim, Griffin told that it's just one of the things that comes with being in the draft and that the "people who know me ... know I'm not selfish."

"You could say [I'm] surprised, but you never know," Griffin told "It's just when the draft gets closer, everybody's going to try and find something wrong with you to try and pull you down, so I'm not going to sit here and argue that, well that guy is  dead wrong. But I think the people that know me -- and even in the people in the media have seen -- know  I'm not a selfish guy. You know you don't have to fight your own battles -- let other people fight them for you.

"That's about all I can say about that. I heard it, but it's not something I'm going to address."

The quote in question came from an unnamed scout of an unnamed team and pegged Griffin with having "a selfish streak."

"He's got a little bit of a selfish streak, too," the scout said. "Everybody was laying on Cam, but for some reason this guy has become gloves off. He doesn't treat anybody good."

It's about the time that I was talking with Griffin that NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock was conducting a pre-draft conference call, and got asked about the reports on Griffin. And Mayock didn't put much stock in it either.

"I did not see that report and I have not seen any red flags," Mayock said. "He has a natural, charismatic personality. Wide receivers are already lining up wanting to play with him."
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