Robert Griffin III rants about attention, scrutiny on Facebook

Mike Shanahan might be gone, but don't think the drama will dissipate from Washington just because Jay Gruden's installed now as the new Redskins head coach. Robert Griffin III will still draw plenty of scrutiny regardless of who's in charge.

For example, RG3's latest rant in the comments of his Facebook page (via CSN Washington). Griffin changed his cover photo, someone (apparently) commented about the sleeve he wears on his arm, Griffin took umbrage and he unleashed a 297-word diatrabe on his feelings about team and WE and commercials.

Or something. Here's his full text:

I usually don't do this because everyone will have an opinion on what you do or don't do. But to answer your question. I wear a sleeve because....well the same reason Pierre Garcon wears a fang mouthpiece-S. Moss wears a hand warmer when it's 70 degrees-Will Montgomery wears elbow pads-Alfred Morris wears shin guards-London Fletcher doesn't wear sleeves in below freezing weather-Adam Carriker does bicep curls and tricep extensions before a game-Chris Baker dances before every game in the locker room-Logan Paulsen does 2 handed spikes when he celebrates touchdowns-Chris Chester does ninja spins to block people-Some guys wear sleeves & some don't-Some guys wear wristbands & some don't-Etc Etc
You see WE do these things because they make us comfortable. Not to be different. Been wearing a sleeve and glove for 10 years.
You see WE are a team.
You think I want it to be national news that I visit a beach? Or shop at Walmart? Or wore red shoes instead if green yesterday? Well I don't. I'm "striving" for greatness just like my fellow teammates do. The "attention" that comes with being a QB in the league is what you are referring to. All the press conferences and talking to the media? Mandated by the league to have a press conference every week during the season and during team activities during the off-season. Oh wait, you must be talking about the Commercials? Right? Oh ok so what was the deal with those in 2012? WE won the division. So in 2013 when WE get knocked down, and finish last it's because of the commercials? If that is your reasoning I have nothing more to say. WE will get back up. That is what matters. I hope I answered your question well enough.
And that you keep supporting the team.


A couple of things here. 

One, it probably sucks having people track RG3 to Wal-Mart and worry about what shoes he wears. But that's part of the trade off. You don't get to play quarterback in the NFL and you don't get to make the money and earn the fame that comes with it without there being some negative side effects. 

Two, people are much nicer when you win and much less nice when you lose. That's how sports work. It's unfortunate that the difference between a happy Redskins fanbase is winning and losing, but those are the breaks of football.

Finally, whoever is screaming on Facebook about RG3's arm sleeve is a part of of the special 1 percent of the population. If arm sleeves are what make you mad and if that's how you spend your free time, rethink the way you live your life. Please. 

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