Robert Griffin III says 'no issue' with knee, will 'race' Garcon

Robert Griffin III would love to 'race' Pierre Garcon and says there is 'no issue' with his knee.
Robert Griffin III would love to 'race' Pierre Garcon and says there is 'no issue' with his knee.(USATSI)

As a result of his offseason surgery, Robert Griffin III is rocking a brace this year. And many folks -- including Redskins wideout Pierre Garcon -- believe it makes him slower.

Griffin would like a word. Or a few words. He said there's "no issue" with his knee when it comes to his speed and that he and Garcon "can race" to figure out just who is the slow one.

"There’s no knee issue. I love my receiver," Griffin said on a conference call. "If he wants to race, then we can race."

So, um, bring it on Garcon? Seems like Griffin is responding way more aggressively than necessary to a pretty benign comment from Garcon. (Although, no, I didn't hear Griffin talk and, yes, he probably is mostly joking.)

"Robert obviously can't run as fast as he did last year because of his knee brace and his knee," Garcon said on Tuesday.

Besides Griffin has a different reason for why he's not running as much. He said Wednesday it's because the opportunity to run "hasn't presented itself."

"It just hasn’t presented itself," Griffin said. "We’ve hurt ourselves by getting behind so early."

Now it's true that the Redskins offense can't be run based because they've been getting pummeled early in games. Running Alfred Morris 30 times when you're trailing by 25 points won't do you much good. But let's not act like big deficits are why Griffin isn't running.

It's clear when he tries to run that he's not completely confident in his knee and he doesn't have the same burst that he did before the injury. That's OK. He's not expected to. Adrian Peterson struggled with the same issues.

Admitting that's the issue might cause more problems than its worth for Griffin, especially if people start questioning his decision to play even further. Besides, even if he's not at 100 percent he can probably still beat Garcon in a race.

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