Robert Griffin III shines once again at Baylor's Pro Day

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WACO, Texas -- Robert Griffin III scripted nearly every throw he made at Baylor's Pro Day Wednesday afternoon but even he could not have counted on Washington's Dan Snyder and Mike Shanahan watching the throwing session on the sidelines around the 20-yard line. When the quarterback dropped in a perfectly thrown deep route to his right that was caught just feet from what most assume are his future owner and head coach, Griffin couldn't help but let out a fist-pump and give out a few high-fives to go with the big smile on his face.

Even when he's not trying to create a special moment, it seems like RG3 simply can't help it.

"I thought it went great, I had a few misses but other than that the stat, I think, was 78 out of 84. That's pretty good," Griffin said. "I always said that I didn't have anything to prove at Pro Day and that's why it was so easy. It's not stressful because you don't have to prove anything. The game tape speaks for itself and it does for a lot of players."

Griffin was sharp throughout his 30 minute work out at Baylor's indoor practice facility. On the mark with his throws both rolling out and dropping back from under center, he impressed the nearly 200 scouts and media that were looking on wearing neon-green socks borrowed from the basketball team. The ball hit the turf only a handful of times -- almost all due to drops -- and there were several deep balls with great touch. As the presumptive No. 2 pick in the draft, it's hard to impress much more than he has but that's exactly what Griffin ended up doing. He even had a few of the NFL personnel enjoying his choice of music for the work out.

"We did script the soundtrack. I don't think you'll hear 'Thriller' at any other Pro Day," the signal-caller quipped.

Griffin did not run a 40-yard dash or lift weights but waited until most of his teammates were done testing before even showing up. Relaxed and confident, he wanted to give others like running back Terrance Ganaway and wide receiver Kendall Wright a chance to improve their stock (both did with impressive 40 times in the 4.5 range). Though he was undoubtedly the show that everybody had come to see, keeping things light to the point of tossing a throw-back pass to end the workout is one of the little things that makes RG3 special.

"The way he composes himself and the way he plays the game is pretty much unsurpassed. That's the reason everybody's here today," said Art Briles, Baylor's head coach. "There are a lot of great football players who do a lot of good things on the field, but when you take the things he does off the football field and his mentality and humility, it's unmatched."

Griffin visited Washington, D.C. recently, attending a prayer breakfast with President Obama earlier this year. He met with most of the Redskins front office at a dinner Tuesday night in town and felt quite comfortable when Shanahan and Snyder came over to talk to him before throwing.

"Dinner was great, I had a fillet," Griffin said with his trademark grin. "The star-struck part of it was gone. My fiancé is a Broncos fan too so she was kind of weirded out by the whole situation, the coach that she watched growing up was sitting right in front of her. But Shanahan is a great coach, great mind, and it would be an honor to play for him.

"They gave up a lot of picks in order to move up to that spot to pick a player and if it happens to be me, they showed me that I could definitely get along with them. Keep it light but when it's time to get serious, let's get serious."

Though he hasn't even been picked, expectations for Griffin and the franchise are already running high after the Redskins traded three first-round picks and a second-rounder to St. Louis in order to move up. Griffin wore a shirt that had 'No pressure, no diamonds' emblazoned on the front of his chest and actually looked forward to experiencing things at the next level even if he's being hailed as a savior.

"There was lots of pressure at Baylor. He and I did a lot of talking. Lots of talking pregames, a lot of times between seasons," Griffin's father, Robert Jr., said. "We feel like, at the professional level, there won't be as much pressure. Yes, there are millions of dollars involved and stuff like that. But the individual pressure we don't feel will be as much. The biggest thing for him is to work on his craft."

Indianapolis was well represented at the workout with several scouts and front office personnel looking on with keen interest. Griffin appeared happy with the knowledge that he would be headed to Washington once the draft rolled around but certainly didn't close the door on the Colts surprising everybody and grabbing him with the top pick next month.

"It's up to them and whatever they decide," he said. "They're going to go to Andrew (Luck's) Pro Day tomorrow and it's up to them to make that decision. I'm not going to close the book on it, it's kind of down to two teams it seems. If it's not those two teams, it will be somebody else and I'd be happy to play for that team as well."

After Wednesday, it's pretty apparent every team would be happy to have Griffin play for them.

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