Robert Griffin III writes thank-you notes for wedding gifts from fans

Robert Griffin III and Rebecca Liddicoat are sending hand-written notes to Skins fans. (USATSI)
Robert Griffin III and Rebecca Liddicoat are sending hand-written notes to Skins fans. (USATSI)

When Robert Griffin III and his fiancée went through the process of registering at Bed, Bath & Beyond, they probably never thought their registry would get national attention and result in fans helping to "sell out" the gift registry.

And when Griffin tweeted a thank you to fans for doing so, he definitely never imagined that he would be criticized for receiving gifts. But he was, because sometimes people are stupid.

Those stupid people probably feel even dumber now, since Griffin and his bride-to-be, Rebecca Liddicoat, are apparently sending out hand-written notes to the fans who bought them gifts.

Keith Elgin, a Skins fan who bought RG3 a gift, sent the pic below to Sarah Kogod of the Washington Post's D.C. Sports Bog proving all the haters wrong (click to embiggen):

In case you have poor eyes or bad mouse skills, I'll transcribe for you.

"Keith & Emily, Thank you for your kind gift. Even as nothing was expected from you, out of the love in your hearts you sent us one anyways, and made our wedding experience even more special. Thank you!"

The note is signed "Rebecca" and "Robert Griffin III."

This means Keith, for being a nice Redskins fan who spent money on his favorite quarterback, now has a personalized note and autograph from an NFL superstar.

It also means that RG3 has literally done more than I did during the thank-you note portion of my wedding.

Which should be more than enough to shut up all the idiots who tried to rip the young quarterback for receiving gifts. I still like my idea of shipping them all off to Mars in a crockpot, though.

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