The Patriots used halftime on Thursday night to pay tribute to Willie McGinest, the former linebacker who was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. But during the ceremony, Patriots owner Robert Kraft also found time to take a swing at the Colts, who accused the Patriots of cheating in the scandal that came to be known as Deflategate.

"I have one more thing to add: There's nothing more satisfying than saddling the Indianapolis Colts with a loss," Kraft said to a packed Gillette Stadium, via USA Today. "And Willie McGinest was able to do that 16 times as a member of the New England Patriots."

Of course, it was Colts general manager Ryan Grigson who tipped off the NFL about Deflategate, which set off a scandal that is still ongoing as the NFL's appeal of Tom Brady's now-vacated suspension trudges along.

Still, the Patriots ended up getting the last laugh. They won the Super Bowl, Brady's suspension was overturned, and they beat the Colts two Sundays ago (you might remember the game due to the Colts' horrific fake punt).

Add Kraft's latest shot to that list. 

Robert Kraft took a shot at the Colts on Thursday night. (USATSI)