Robert Kraft 'very much wanted' Tim Tebow to make Patriots

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has had an offseason, hasn't he? From Aaron Hernandez arrest to Tom Brady's near-injury to Tim Tebow's release ... his franchise has been in the news. Kraft appeared on CBS News' CBS This Morning Tuesday to discuss the recent concussion lawsuit settlement.

And while he was there, Charlie Rose also asked the Patriots owner about Tebow's release -- Kraft says he "very much wanted" Tebow to make the team.

"I love Tim Tebow and I very much wanted him on the team," Kraft told Rose on CBS This Morning. "If you look at four of the last five years, we've only carried two quarterbacks. And when a cut-down time comes, you need those last three or four positions for depth, and we happen to have, I think, the finest quarterback in the history of the game, and he's not going off the field except by injury. We have a great second-string quarterback. When he came in he came in as the third quarterback and we were all rooting for him.

"And life takes funny turns, so no one knows what’s going to happen in the future, but whatever he does I know he's going to be a great success off the field and I'm rooting for him to get his opportunity on the field as well."

Look, having Tom Brady means you don't ever take him on the field. It's good that Kraft knows that. And Tebow showed during the preseason that he's not nearly a capable a backup as Ryan Mallett either.

Over the weekend Tebow tweeted out how thankful he was for the opportunity from Kraft and the Patriots, adding that he will work "relentlessly" to try and fulfill his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback. Many don't think Tebow can pull it off and will require a position change to make it in the league.

Kraft isn't one of those many.

"I think he wants to be a quarterback," Kraft said. "And who's to say he won't get his opportunity? To have a guy like that in the locker room, the kind of person he is, the way he conducts himself ..."

Rose cut off Kraft at this point to note that the Pats owner should be Tebow's agent. And Kraft didn't disagree.

"Well, I’d love to be," Kraft said. "I’d love to be his agent."

Gracious. Think that Kraft is a fan of Tebow? And what do you think will happen if and when the Patriots need to add another quarterback? Kraft said "we never know" when it comes to the future after being asked about Bill Belichick not ruling out a Tebow return.

"Because we never know what's going to happen," Kraft said. "You're one play away at all times from your whole game changing. I haven’t met a finer young man and this is my 20th season."

The general notion about Tebow is that Belichick was always doing someone like Urban Meyer -- Tebow's coach at Florida and one of Belichick's coaching friends -- a favor. But perhaps the reason Tebow lasted as long as he did on the roster is the owner's influence.

That's not to suggest that Kraft has any veto power over Belichick when it comes to roster evaluation, but certainly he could've pressed on his No. 1 employee enough to convince the hoodie that bringing in Tebow for a tryout was worth a shot.

Maybe he should be Tebow's agent after all.

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