Robert Kraft's response to wild Rob Gronkowski trade rumor: 'A bunch of hogwash'

If the Patriots were planning to trade Rob Gronkowski last week, someone forgot to tell Robert Kraft about it. 

During an interview at the Myra Kraft Community MVP event on Tuesday, the Patriots owner forcefully shot down a report from last week that suggested Bill Belichick wanted to trade Gronk. According to the report, the Patriots had offers on the table from the 49ers and the Titans, but the deal didn't go down because Tom Brady threatened to retire, which led Kraft to veto any potential deal. 

According to Kraft, the entire report, which came from a Boston freelance reporter, was total "hogwash."

"I guess when your team is good, people are looking for things. I'll just tell you it's a bunch of hogwash that I vetoed some trade," Kraft said, via "That was never in the works. It's just completely made up."

Kraft didn't stop there, though. The Patriots owner almost sounded upset that the report gained any traction at all.  

"I think we have to be careful in society today that people just can't come out and say things -- this bit about us trading Gronk to the 49ers or Tennessee -- there's no basis to it and it gets a life of its own," Kraft said. "I just want to go on record at today's event to make sure that you all understand that there's no truth to that. People shouldn't be able to do that."

Of course, one of the reasons the report gained any traction is because there have been multiple reports throughout the offseason suggesting that Gronk is unhappy in New England. According to an report from April, Gronk had been having issues with Belichick. On March 1, NBC Sports in Boston reported that Gronk felt "singled out" and "persecuted" by the coaching staff last year. Another report from March suggested that Belichick was making Gronk "miserable" during the 2017 season. Not to mention, Gronk skipped every OTA session that the Patriots held this offseason. 

Basically, it was a perfect storm for Gronk rumors to start. 

Although Kraft shot down the bizarre trade report from last week, that doesn't mean the Patriots didn't try and deal Gronk during the offseason. As a matter of fact, according to Pro Football Talk, the Patriots were making calls just three days before the NFL Draft to see if any team would be interested in doing a deal for Gronk. However, PFT also added that it's not clear if the Patriots ever got close to making a deal. 

No matter what happened, it seems pretty safe to say that Gronk is going to be with the Patriots in 2018. The team's offseason officially came to an end this week -- with Gronk still on the roster -- and now Gronk will have six weeks to Gronk it up before the Patriots begin training camp in late July. 

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