It's probably a good thing that Raiders coach Jon Gruden didn't keep Rod Woodson around on the team's coaching staff, because, from the sound of it, there's a good chance they wouldn't have gotten along. 

After serving as a Raiders assistant coach for the past three seasons under Jack Del Rio, Woodson was let go after owner Mark Davis decided to clean house and bring in Gruden following the 2017 season. Since then, Gruden has made a couple of key moves, and it just so happens that Woodson basically disagrees with every single one of them. 

For instance, the Jordy Nelson deal? Woodson hated it, and he let his feelings be known during a recent appearance on Fox Sports 1

"I don't want to sound like a scorned lover because I was fired by the Raiders," Woodson said, via the San Jose Mercury News. Also, that's exactly what a scorned lover would say. 

"I love Mark Davis, I love the Davis family," Woodson said. "But you can't tell me you got rid of Michael Crabtree, you put Jordy Nelson in there, and Jordy Nelson is better than Michael Crabtree. That's a lie."

According to Woodson, Crabtree gave the Raiders' offense a "backbone" that Nelson just won't be able to provide. 

"Crabtree was the glue to that offense," Woodson said. "He gave them a backbone. He gave them toughness. Jordy Nelson is not going to give them that. Derek Carr is not going to give them that. Now Marshawn Lynch, he could give them that, if he's there, if he's playing, I don't know what's with that."

So we can probably all agree that Woodson didn't like the Nelson signing. What about adding Doug Martin?

"You can't tell me you bring in Doug Martin and they're a better football team," Woodson said. 

That sounds like a no. Not a fan of the Martin signing, either. 

Woodson also took a weird shot at Derek Carr. 

"I love Derek Carr. Derek Carr is not Aaron Rodgers," Woodson said. "That's completely different."

After basically hating on everything the Raiders have done this offseason, Woodson also noted that the team probably made a mistake by hiring Gruden. 

"I understand Gruden, wonderful on his TV gig, did some wonderful things as a coach, but he only won 53 percent of his games," Woodson said. "Ten years, $100 million. I hope Mark Davis has an out. My question would be, how many Super Bowls do you have to win for $100 million? You give that deal to Bill Belichick. But to a Jon Gruden? It's hard for me to understand."

Woodson played for the Raiders in 2002 when they lost in the Super Bowl to Gruden's Buccaneers, and yes, that even came up during the interview. 

"He goes to the Super Bowl and he wins with Tony Dungy's team," Woodson said of Tampa's Super Bowl XXXVII win. "My question is how many Super Bowls do you have to win if you're Mark Davis to justify $100 million?"

At least one Raiders player heard what Woodson said, and he definitely wasn't thrilled. After hearing Woodson's comments, Bruce Irvin took to Twitter to call out the former Raiders assistant coach. 

Bruce Irvin doesn't seem like a big fan of Rod Woodson. Twitter

The comments from Woodson kind of came out of nowhere. Less than a month ago, Woodson was asked about losing his job and at the time, he didn't have anything bad to say about the Raiders. 

"Normally, most coaches want to go in a different direction for the most part," Woodson said during an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio. "Jon wanted to go in a different direction. But for me, I spent a total of four years coaching (in Oakland). It was fun. It was exhilarating because I'm a grassroots type of guy. Giving back to what was given to me was outstanding. I love my guys in my room."

Of course, the crazy thing in all this is that maybe Woodson's not wrong. Our Sean Wagner-McGough has also been questioning the Raiders' offseason and he's not a big fan of Gruden's plan to bring the team's playing style back to 1998.

The upside for Woodson is that it appears he got the last laugh in all this. Woodson handled the coin toss on March 3 to decide whether the 49ers or the Raiders got the ninth pick in the draft, and guess what? The Raiders lost. Thanks to Woodson's flip, the Raiders will pick 10th in April's draft and the 49ers will pick ninth.