Roddy White, Danny Amendola could miss significant time

Roddy White has a lingering ankle sprain issue. (USATSI)
Roddy White has a lingering ankle sprain issue. (USATSI)

Falcons receiver Roddy White and Patriots receiver Danny Amendola are both week to week at this point. White has a high-ankle sprain and Amendola is out with a groin problem. Both were limited by the injuries in Week 1 and it could be several weeks before they return.

One source with knowledge of the Amendola injury, when asked about its severity, said: "He'll definitely be back this season," which isn't exactly what Pats fans wanted to hear given how few proven receiving options they have right now and the issues Tom Brady has had connecting with their young receivers. There is no set timetable for Amendola's return, and projecting specific weeks would be guessing, sources said, but it is being measured in weeks and not months and it’s certainly possible the slot stalwart does not play again in the first half of the season.

White played in Week 1 despite some advising him not to, but the Falcons did not shut him down and he was severely limited by the ankle injury and he did not practice this week. Sources said his injury will likely require several more weeks of rest to properly heal, but, given White’s continued desire to play, the team will have to shut him down. If they listen to the player, he will keep insisting on being out there.

As some on the team close to him put it, White’s mentality is the same pretty much every week -- “I’m a football player, and football players show up on Sunday.” If he’s asked whether or not he can play on his ankle, he will say he can. That won’t change. But given his current medical condition that would likely only make things worse, with a long-term approach making the most sense given how early in the season this is, the nature of the injury, and the Falcons’ Super Bowl expectations.

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