Rodger Saffold isn't returning phone calls from Rams

Saffold apparently isn’t happy with his impending move. (USATSI)
Rodger Saffold apparently isn’t happy with his impending move. (USATSI)

One byproduct of the Rams signing Jake Long as their left tackle is that former left tackle Rodger Saffold likely will have to move to the right side of the line. He has made it clear that he isn’t happy with that possibility (and, to be fair, Saffold was solid last year for St. Louis).

“[Left tackle] is his position,” Saffold's agent, Alan Herman, recently said. “It's a paying position in the league. He's played left tackle his whole life since he was a little kid. Why would he want to move to the other side?”

And even if coach Jeff Fisher wanted to discuss it with Saffold, he can’t. Because Saffold isn’t picking up the phone.

“We’ve been trying to reach Rodger, and he’s not returning calls right now,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “But we’ll get things settled, and Rodger’s a big part of our future and a big part of our plans on offense.”

Clearly, this is not a great situation for Saffold, who is risking alienating his coach while possibly solidifying the idea that he’s being selfish (team first and all that).

So far, Saffold hasn’t requested a trade. If he does agree to move to right tackle, a starting offensive line of Long at left tackle, Scott Wells at center, Harvey Dahl at right guard and Saffold would be a solid unit.

But St. Louis apparently hasn’t ruled out grabbing an offensive tackle with its No. 16 overall pick in next month’s NFL draft (though none of our experts predict that in their mock drafts). Still, Fisher appears confident all will be well.

“Things are gonna work out,” Fisher said. “We’re confident they’ll get resolved.”

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