Rodney Harrison: Tom Brady 'going to make everybody pay' for Deflategate

The last time the Patriots were accused (and convicted, at least by the NFL) of a scandal, they promptly came out and lay waste to the league the following year. Spygate happened and Tom Brady/Randy Moss set records, nearly going undefeated.

It wouldn't be stunning if the Pats were dead set on doing something similar in 2015 after Deflategate and at least one commenter believes it's definitely happening. That would be Rodney Harrison, who also doubles as a former teammate of Brady's.

“You’ve got way over $100 million in the bank. You’ve got a beautiful wife. You’ve got a beautiful family," Harrison told "The natural tendency would be to say, ‘I can lie in my silk sheets and just enjoy life now. I don’t need football.’ But I’m telling you: This is the best thing that could have happened to Tom Brady. This will rejuvenate him. The rest of the league better look out.

"This year, he’s going to make everybody pay for what’s happened."

It's totally possible to imagine a scenario where a) Brady plays the first game of the season, b) Brady doesn't miss more than one game next year, c) Brady plays really well and d) Brady spites everyone with a massive 2015.

The difference between next year and 2007? Well, a lot actually. Brady was 30 then (he'll turn 38 in August), he had Moss and he had Wes Welker. 

New England lost Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen this offseason, but Rob Gronkowski will be back and fully healthy for the start of the season. 

It's totally possible Brady has a tremendous year out of pure spite. 

Tom Brady playing in Week 1 would be a boon for NFL TV ratings. (USATSI)
Tom Brady playing in Week 1 would be a boon for NFL TV ratings. (USATSI)
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