The Patriots pulled off the impossible in the 2016 NFL season, overcoming a four-game, Deflategate-related suspension for Tom Brady to win 14 regular season games before plowing through the playoffs and promptly storming back from a 28-3 deficit to beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl. He tried to hide it, but the Pats winning probably was not what Roger Goodell wanted to see.

He definitely did not want to see Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia stepping off the plane after the victory in a Barstool Sports shirt that featured Goodell with a big red clown nose.

Goodell was "seething" after seeing Patricia flaunting the Deflategate/Super Bowl outcome in such a public manner. It was captured on television as Patricia stepped off the plane on the way back; he didn't call Goodell a clown publicly or show up to a press conference in the shirt, but this was about as public as you can get for a Pats coordinator.

And apparently Goodell is still pretty cheesed (or "miffed" if you will), according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Florio notes that whether or not Goodell should be mad "isn't relevant; he is" and also points out that with the league office often advising teams when it comes to matters of hiring, the fact that Patricia has managed to jab a large stick with a big red poofball on the end of it into the side of Goodell might make it tougher for Patricia to get employment with another team.

On the other hand, if Patricia continues to churn out quality defenses that help the Patriots win Super Bowl titles, people will probably ignore any concerns they have over what sort of wardrobe he wears while disembarking from the plane.  It almost certainly would not affect Robert Kraft's feelings on a future hire, should there eventually be one for the Patriots to make once Bill Belichick decides he's spent enough time being a football robot and running up the score on everyone else.

Whatever the case, Belichick and Co. apparently moved onto 2017 faster than Goodell did.