Roger Goodell: NFL 'will continue' to listen to issues on Redskins name

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ORLANDO -- For the last year, the Redskins, considered by many to have an offensive nickname, have been under fire about potentially changing their mascot.

Multiple groups have attempted to get the NFL's attention as well and Roger Goodell said at the 2014 NFL owners' meetings that the league will "continue" to listen to input on the nickname.

"We have and we will continue to do so," Goodell said. "We have done a very through job of understanding all perspectives on all of this."

Goodell's reportedly met with senators on this issue and he's sat down to have a chat with Dan Snyder about the Redskins nickname as well.

Two members of Congress want to push Goodell on the name. It's not going away. And the NFL understands that.

But the league, through the commish, is maintaining a similar stance it took at the Super Bowl, when Goodell was asked about the name. 

"I've spent the last year talking to many of the leaders in the Native American community. We're listening and trying to make sure we understand the issues," Goodell said in late January. "But this is the name of a football team that's had it like this for 80 years in a way that's honored Native Americans. We recognize that some don't agree with the name. But if you look at the [poll] numbers in Native American communities, nine out of 10 supported the name and eight out of 10 in the general population would not like for us to change the name."

In other words, the NFL's aware of the public-relations nightmare it has on either side of the ball here. Force the Redskins to dump the name and you've got a very angry Dan Snyder along with a potentially furious fanbase. Continue to use the name and you risk looking intolerant to the general public.

It's a fine line. Goodell's wisely doing his best not to walk on either side of it.

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