The city of Las Vegas was supposed to host the NFL Draft this year, but that didn't end up happening due to the coronavirus pandemic. To make up for the fact that the draft was taken away from Sin City, the NFL has announced that Vegas will be getting another shot to host the draft and that shot will be coming in 2022. 

In what might go down as the most confusing announcement in league history, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell revealed the 2022 location during the first round of the draft on Thursday.

As the Raiders got ready to make the 19th overall pick, the camera cut to Goodell in his basement, and that's when he made the following announcement. 

"As you may know, we were scheduled to host the draft in Dallas, excuse me, Las Vegas this year," Goodell said. "We thank so many for the effort they put forth to prepare that possibility and we think you deserve another shot, so we're happy here to announce tonight that the Las Vegas Raiders will host the 2020 NFL Draft."

That is not a typo, Goodell actually said that Vegas would be hosting the 2020 Draft, which led to some serious confusion on Twitter, because Vegas is NOT hosting the 2020 Draft. 

The Raiders eventually cleared up all the confusion by announcing that Vegas would be hosting the 2022 draft (not 2020). 

With draft being held in Vegas in 2022, that means the hosts cities are set for the next three years: 

2021: Cleveland
2022: Las Vegas
2023: Kansas City

The NFL previously awarded the 2021 and 2023 drafts to Cleveland and Kansas City back in May 2019. As for Vegas, the strip has been shut down since March due to the pandemic and with everyone in quarantine, the NFL decided to make the draft a virtual event this year for the first time in league history. 

The fact that Las Vegas is getting another shot to host is definitely a good thing, because the NFL was planning to throw quite the party out in the desert. The set up on the Vegas strip was set to include a stage over water in front of the Bellagio fountains, players being chauffeured around on boats and one block of the strip being totally shut down to vehicle traffic. Basically, it was going to be a three-day bonanza. 

That bonanza is now still going to happen, but everyone is going to have to wait two more years before it does.