Roger Goodell says NFL will 'absolutely' exist in 30 years

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There's not much Goodell can say about that. If he acknowledges a link on one of the nation's oldest and most revered television shows, he kind of sinks his battleship with respect to the various lawsuits the NFL is facing. And if he says no, well, Goodell would look delusional. In that sense he handled the questions well.

He was adamant, however, that the league never hid the dangers of concussions and head injuries from players.

"No," Goodell said. "In fact we're all learning more about brain injuries. We're learning more and more and investing more and more."

We certainly are. And even though there's still a long way to go before we find the right balance between enjoying football and protecting players, the league is making strides. The NFL partnered with General Electric (Goodell mentioned this with Schieffer, too) and the NFLPA donated $100 million to Harvard to help study player safety.

It's progress, and it's why Goodell will end up being correct about the future of the NFL.

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