If you were to take a poll of NFL fans, there's a good chance that 100 percent of them would agree that the preseason is too long.

Fortunately, it sounds like Roger Goodell actually wants to do something about that. During a fan forum with Giants season-ticket holders this week, the NFL commissioner admitted that the length of the preseason is a problem

"When I go around to fans, that's maybe the No. 1 thing I hear," Goodell said, via Newsday. "The NFL should do things to the highest possible standards. Preseason games are not that."

If you've ever watched a preseason game, you've probably noticed that starters almost never play, and by the time the fourth quarter rolls around, you've never heard of any players who are still on the field. 

Although Goodell isn't ready to eliminate preseason games, he does want to trim the schedule down.  

"There's value to them, building a team, evaluating players, but there are other ways of doing that. I think we could do it in three [games]," Goodell said. "Almost every coach has agreed we could get done what we need to in three games."

Of course, when Goodell says "almost" every coach has agreed that a three-game preseason would make sense, that means there's at least one who doesn't believe that. 

For instance, take Mike Tomlin. The Steelers thinks the NFL's preseason is just fine the way it is

"I like the preseason, personally," Tomlin said, via Triblive.com. "I think it aids in the development of young players, specifically those in certain positions, like the quarterback position. Having a rookie quarterback but also having an obligation to get guys like Ben [Roethlisberger] ready, I like what the four games provides us from that perspective."

If Goodell can talk Tomlin and every other coach into trimming the preseason down, the league's next goal could be expanding the regular season to 17 or 18 games. However, none of that's going to happen until Goodell talks to the NFLPA. 

"Any change in the [overall game] structure, we said that we would collectively bargain," Goodell said. 

The current collective bargaining agreement expires after the 2020 season, which means we could be waiting at least three years before there are any changes to the preseason schedule.