Roger Goodell takes fans' questions in Twitter's #AskCommish

Roger Goodell hung out Tuesday on Twitter. (USATSI)
Roger Goodell hung out Tuesday on Twitter. (USATSI)

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Two days before the NFL draft begins (FINALLY!), NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took some time out of his schedule to answer fans' questions who used the #AskCommish hashtag on Twitter. He was political, funny and not-necessarily enlightening.

But one of the more interesting responses was about the draft's immediate future. As in, the draft might not return to its traditional April schedule.

We already know that cities besides New York are in play to hold future drafts, especially Chicago and Los Angeles. Goodell confirmed that during his Twitter talk.

Aside from future draft dates and locations, here were some of Goodell's most interesting tweets on the day.

@Geraldini93 being Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

Even some politicians got in on the #AskCommish act.

It's worth noting that Goodell didn't answer that query, though I'm sure everything was settled between the two by DM. Either that or it'll have to happen the next time Goodell is subpoened to testify in front of Congress.

This, from the "Jeez, dude, hold your horses" department ...

And as we see oftentimes, Goodell showed off his wit and humor.

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