ROME: Packers coach Mike McCarthy talks about the 2012 season

Packers coach Mike McCarthy joined ROME Wednesday to discuss the 2012 season, the disappointment of losing to the Giants in the divisional round last January after winning 15 games in the regular season, as well as what Charles Woodson means to Green Bay's defense even though he's changing positions.

Some choice nuggets from the segment:

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Will the team be better in '12 than they were in '11?

"Well, that's the goal and that's definitely what we're working for," McCarthy told Jim Rome. "It's important to always improve and we feel there are areas we can improve on, and really keep focus on building off some of the things we accomplished in the past. … As a whole, we have an opportunity to be a better team."

Was there complacency in 2011 after the Super Bowl title in 2010?

"Well, it's something that you coach against -- we talk about handling success and handling success at every level … but, frankly, we hit some spots later in the season -- the Kansas City game was a tough game for us -- but I thought our team responded from that. I wouldn't change the way we trained the team going into the Giants game. I think it's a little bit of a convenient criticism -- something you look back on because you have to answer the question 'What happened?'"

On the playoff loss to the Giants wiping out the 15 wins during the regular season

"Well, I don't believe in wiping things out but the goal is to win the world championship -- play your best football in the postseason. We did not accomplish that."

On Charles Woodson's move from cornerback to safety

"(Woodson) took (the news that he was moving to safety) in stride. … He looks great, Charles is the ultimate pro … we really just focus on keeping him in a playmaker role and I think moving him to safety (in the base defense) is all part of that."

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