Romeo Crennel says Matt Cassel will start, was surprised at Chiefs dancing

The Chiefs danced their way into America's folly-filled heart with some absurd post-play penalties on Monday night before Matt Cassel threw a back-breaking, overtime pick in a loss to the Steelers.

And while they probably won't be dancing again this week, you can expect to see Cassel, and not Brady Quinn, on the field again, according to coach Romeo Crennel.

Quinn's been dealing with a concussion and is "doing a lot better," according to Crennel, but Cassel's going to be the starter.

"(Quinn is) feeling a lot better, doing a lot better," Crennel said. "If he makes it through the week without incident then he can be cleared for the weekend."

Even if Quinn is cleared, it's hard to imagine the Chiefs plugging him in as the starter. Cassel makes more sense at this point, if only for health's sake, even as the Chiefs struggle to find hope in a hopeless 1-8 season.

It doesn't sound like that hope will be coming in the form of additional dancing. The Chiefs busted out an homage to Kid 'N Play after sacking Ben Roethlisberger Monday:

And then proceeded to do something that resembled a Robin Hood: Men in Tights dance after scoring a defensive touchdown on a fumble that was overturned ... but still resulted in a penalty:

It was a trainwreck, but certainly one worth watching. Meanwhile, the conductor of said train, Crennel, had no idea what was going on. Once again.

"I have no idea," Crennel told Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star on Tuesday. "It was a surprise to me to see some of those celebrations, per se. The rules are explicit about no celebrating, particularly group celebrations. You cannot have those. Our guys, they know the rules and they should not have done it. I will talk to my players about that, and I don't expect it to happen again."

Crennel's previous postgame perplexion came when he was asked why Jamaal Charles only received five carries in a loss, saying he's "not exactly sure" why that happened.

That the head coach has no idea why the most talented offensive player on his team isn't being used consistently is much less shocking when we find out he has no idea why his team is getting penalized for plays that didn't occur by engaging in group celebrations. 

None of that makes it OK, per se, but it shouldn't make it shocking when KC experiences sweeping changes this offseason. Into the crevasse, Chiefs fans -- into the crevasse.

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