Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp
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There are many things going wrong for the Philadelphia Eagles amid a surprise 0-2 start to the 2020 season, but none is more concerning than the apparent regression of quarterback Carson Wentz. While most of Wentz's early-year struggles can be attributed to a battered offensive line and a tendency to over-prioritize the big play, one Eagles legend thinks something else could be contributing to No. 11's rough start. Former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski recently told 97.5 The Fanatic that he believes the presence of Jalen Hurts could already be getting to Wentz.

"It certainly could," Jaworski said, per ESPN's Tim McManus. "I lived that situation. I still remember draft day: 'Oh, the Eagles drafted Randall Cunningham in the second round. OK, the clock is ticking!' You know that, so you know that you have to raise your level of (play), and there's an added amount of pressure. This is four years after I'm the league MVP, the highest-paid player in the NFL, all of a sudden they draft a quarterback. Everyone has a shelf life, and you begin to feel that pressure.

"I can't say to what degree Carson feels the pressure, but he's aware of it. You know as a player the minute you struggle a little bit, you start hearing it from the fans, you start hearing it from the coaches in the meeting room, you start seeing a little giddy-up in the guy who wants your job. All those things start to filter into your thinking and clearly -- clearly -- I believe that has an effect on him."

Hurts, of course, was the Eagles' surprise second-round pick this April. And while he doesn't appear close to usurping Wentz as QB1 -- Wentz, remember, is just one year removed from signing a $128 million extension -- it's also rare for a team to invest so much in a rookie signal-caller without intentions of using him in the near future. The 22-year-old Hurts just made his NFL debut in Week 2, when he served as a decoy on several offensive plays with Wentz under center.

Wentz, meanwhile, has faced QB drama before. He finished both the 2017 and 2018 seasons on the sidelines thanks to serious injuries, and then-backup Nick Foles proceeded to guide the team to two straight playoff runs, including the Eagles' Super Bowl LII victory.