Ron Rivera urges players to get completely away from football

Most would see the Panthers' 1-5 record and assume the coaches would want the players to get all the extra work they can handle during an upcoming bye week.

But that's far from the case.

After Carolina wrapped up practice for the week on Tuesday, head coach Ron Rivera left his players to themselves and is urging them to take five complete days off from football before the team returns on Monday.

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“I told them I want them to get away from it, don’t read anything, don’t watch anything, don’t listen to anything," Rivera said, via the Charlotte Observer. "Just get yourselves ready to come back focused in and start right back to work the following Monday."

As for Rivera, he won't be going anywhere. He will be staying in Charlotte, getting some extra work done, while also spending time with his family in town.

"We're going to staycation," Rivera said. "It's kind of nice. It's a great community, it really is. There's a lot of neat things (my wife) Stephanie and I haven't done, especially during the fall."

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