Do you like hard-hitting news and journalism with a capital J? Good, because Ciara is reportedly pregnant with Russell Wilson's baby.

The news blew up on social media after Ciara posted an Instagram video of her arriving to a party wearing a loose-fitting tuxedo. Some fans in the comment claimed it was a baby-bump outfit.

And E! News is now reporting that the happy couple are indeed expecting a child.

While she has not commented on the speculation, two sources do tell E! News the 30-year-old is expecting.

"Ciara is pregnant and is so excited to be a mom," one source told E! News. "Russell[Wilson] would like to have two to three children. They both would like a big family."

Here's the Instagram in question:

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This would be pretty cool news for Wilson. He's a big family guy, but he and his first wife never had a child together.

Wilson's been a father figure for Ciara's other child, who she had with her ex, hip-hop artist Future. He's gushed about her as a mother in interviews before and has said he'd like to have several kids.

"Ciara's such a great mom. She reads to him every night. I read to him too, and we just share so many special moments together. That's what family is all about," Wilson said after they got married. "Ultimately, it's about giving back and loving as much as you can to your fullest. That's what you're able to do together."

Wilson and Ciara were married overseas back in July. After the fact they both joked about their love life, indicating they were being intimate rather frequently.

And now he could be getting a shot at being a father.