Tom Brady isn't the only NFL quarterback who apparently missed the memo that was sent out by the NFLPA over the weekend. It appears Russell Wilson has also been working out with at least one teammate this week, despite the NFLPA's recommendation that players stop practicing together. 

The Seahawks quarterback posted a video to social media on Tuesday that showed him throwing passes to DK Metcalf. In the 42-second video, which you can see below, Wilson and Metcalf are shown connecting on four different pass routes. 

Wilson's video was posted just three days after the NFLPA's medical director, Dr. Thom Mayer, released a statement where he advised players to stop working out together. Mayer's recommendation came after the country saw an uptick in COVID-19 cases over the past week. 

"Please be advised that it is our consensus medical opinion that in light of the increase in COVID-19 cases in certain states that no players should be engaged in practicing together in private workouts," Mayer said. "Our goal is to have all players and your families as healthy as possible in the coming months. We are working on the best mitigation procedures at team facilities for both training camps and the upcoming season, and believe that this is in the best interest of all players that we advise against any voluntary joint practices before training camp commences."

The NFL would like to see every player follow these guidelines, including star players like Brady and Wilson. 

"Everyone associated with the NFL should follow the recommendations and guidelines of state and local authorities and medical experts, including the NFLPA," an NFL spokesman told ESPN this week. "The league is working with the NFLPA to conclude the remaining protocols and finalize arrangements for the safe opening of training camps next month."

In Wilson's defense, he actually seems to be doing a pretty good job of social distancing in his video. For one, his workout only appears to includes a a total of three people: Wilson, Metcalf and whomever filmed the video. On the other hand, Brady threw the NFLPA advisory completely out the window by practicing with at least nine other players. Brady also didn't appear to be very interested in social distancing during his workout, as you can see below. 

As for Wilson, although it's possible that his video was filmed earlier this offseason only to be posted on Tuesday, it seems much more like that his practice session with Metcalf went down this week. 

Even though Wilson is ignoring the NFLPA's recommendation, Seahawks fans are probably thrilled to be seeing him on the field improving his chemistry with Metcalf, who had a monstrous rookie season. After falling to the bottom of the second round in the 2019 NFL Draft last year, Metcalf responded by catching 58 passes for 900 yards and seven touchdowns.