If you were frustrated with the way the Seahawks-Cardinals game ended on Sunday night, you're not the only one. Even Russell Wilson seemed a little frustrated following the game, and he never gets frustrated by anything.

Following the 6-6 tie, not only did the Seahawks quarterback say he doesn't "believe in ties" (which isn't shocking), but he also offered a way to fix the NFL's overtime rules so that no one has to play a tie game ever again.

Surprisingly, under Wilson's rules, overtime would revolve around kickers.

"Let's say we're the away team. We win the coin toss, we get the ball on the 35-yard line going in. You kick one field goal," Wilson said, via ESPN.com. "You can't do anything else but a field goal. You make the field goal, the game's over. If you miss the field goal, the game's over and the other team wins."

Russell Wilson wants kickers to decide overtime USATSI

Wilson must be watching a lot of soccer because it almost sounds like he wants to end the game on a penalty kick. Basically, under Wilson's rule, the team that wins the coin toss would get to try a 53-yard field goal from the 35-yard line, and as he said, if the kicker makes it, his team wins. If the kicker misses it, then the other team wins.

The plan would eliminate ties, which is exactly what Wilson wants.

"I just think that if you play that long, you're putting your lives on the line. You should find a way to win. I don't like ending in a tie," Wilson said.

Wilson did concede that a tie was "better than a loss."

The person who should be happiest to hear about Wilson's overtime plan is probably Steven Hauschka, because it sounds like Wilson still has faith in his kicker, who missed a 28-yard chip shot field goal with under 10 seconds left to play in overtime.

Unfortunately for Wilson, it's not likely that his plan will be instituted anytime soon. The NFL just changed its overtime rules in 2012 so that each team would be guaranteed a possession in overtime as long as no one scored a touchdown on the first possession.

Before that, from 1974 to 2011, overtime was sudden death and the first team to score any points was declared the winner.

The 6-6 tie was the first overtime game in NFL history where neither team scored a touchdown. For some improbable facts on the Seahawks-Cardinals game, be sure to click here.