Russell Wilson is first player in NFL history to have 300/100 game

Russell Wilson made NFL history against the Rams. (USATSI)
Russell Wilson makes NFL history against the Rams. (USATSI)

Peyton Manning wasn't the only NFL quarterback who  made history in Week 7, so did Russell Wilson

In the Seahawks' 28-26 loss to the Rams, Wilson became the first player ever in NFL history to rush for more than 100 yards and pass for more than 300 yards in the same game. Wilson finished the loss with 313 passing yards and 106 rushing yards. 

Before Week 7, there had been three quarterbacks who came close to pulling off the feat, but they all came up short. 

In 2011, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick came up just short when he threw for 315 yards and ran for 90 more in a 31-24 loss to the Bills. 

In 1989, another Eagles quarterback, Randall Cunningham, came up 8 rushing yards short when he threw for 306 yards in a 30-20 loss to the Saints. 

Cam Newton has also come close twice. In a Week 6 game against the Bengals this season, Newton hit the 100-yard rushing mark (107), but he fell 16-yards short of 300 passing yards in the 37-37 tie with Cincinnati. 

Newton also almost hit the mark in 2012 when he ran for 116 yards and passed for 287 yards in a 30-20 win over the Falcons. 

As you can see, a historic performance from your quarterback doesn't guarantee a win. Newton, Wilson, Vick and Cunningham are a combined 1-3-1 in these five games. 

Wilson wasn't really in the mood to talk about the record this week.

"In terms of milestones, it doesn't mean anything unless you win," Wilson said. "I'm not about stats. I'm far away from stats. The only thing I really care about is winning. So I've got to figure out a way to help our team win, whatever it takes. I’ve got to find ways to play better. I’ve got to find ways to setup for our team. That's my ultimate goal."

Wilson is one of only eight quarterbacks who have hit the 200-yard passing mark and 100-yard rushing mark in the same game, but Wilson's got something on the seven other guys: He's the only one who's done it twice in one season. 

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