When a celebrity gets married, it's almost impossible to keep it a secret these days. Between the planning and inviting all the guests, there's almost always one person who ends up spilling the beans on the big event.

That didn't happen to Russell Wilson and Ciara, though. Somehow, those two were able to keep their wedding a secret.

So how did they do it?

According to Wilson, the trick to a secret wedding is keeping a close watch on the guest list, which means you only invite people you know and trust.

"We had about 100-plus people there at the wedding -- really close friends and family," Wilson recently told Entertainment Tonight. "They understand it's about love and keeping each other close and keeping it real tight knit, so that was easy to do for the most part. Everybody kind of kept their mouth shut."

The July 6 wedding took place at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England.

Wilson had a tight-knit wedding party, which included his agent (Mark Rodgers), his agent's son (Matthew Rodgers), his brother (Harry Wilson), along with two NFL players: Jimmy Graham and Robert Turbin.

For Wilson, one of the best parts of the wedding ended up being Earth, Wind and Fire, who performed at the reception.

"To share a special moment and a lifetime with somebody that you truly love and really cares about you is amazing," Wilson recently told E! News. "That's what everybody is searching for. I found that. I was fortunate and blessed to find that and the best part was watching her walk down the aisle. Just to see her face and the long train she had. And then Earth, Wind and Fire took the night away."

Speaking of Ciara's train, here's what it looked like.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Photo Cred: @DennisLeupold

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Anyway, Wilson and Ciara have been pretty busy since their July 6 wedding. First, the two attended the ESPYs on July 13.

Two days later, Wilson hosted the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards, which will air on Sunday.