Wednesday afternoon for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson featured a little shoutout to his lady, and an unfortunate lesson in not using Google to woo one's love.

For "Woman Crush Wednesday" (a thing the kids do apparently), Wilson tweeted out a picture of his ladyfriend Ciara. He noted her "honey sweet lips," which were "lilac soft."

Unfortunately, as noted by Deadspin, this wasn't exactly an original thought for old Russ.

Now there's nothing wrong with borrowing from a lyric to describe your lady or woo her with romantic phrases.

But Googling "how to describe a beautiful woman" and then just copy/pasting onto social media? That's the sort of stuff you expect from a teenager on Instagram.

On the bright side, the next time he Googles that term, he'll probably think twice!

Oh, Russell. (USATSI)
Oh, Russell. (USATSI)