The Seattle Seahawks surprised everyone -- including themselves! -- on Friday when they were awarded Josh Gordon off of waivers. The former Patriots wide receiver wasn't claimed by anyone else and he fell a lot further than people thought he would. The Seahawks would have REALLY surprised some people if they hadn't gotten Gordon, as it sounds like they might have ended up signing Antonio Brown instead.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, quarterback Russell Wilson was "pushing" GM John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll to sign Brown and beef up the receiving weapons at his disposal.

Brown, of course, was also a Patriots player this year. And Raiders player. And a Steelers player. And nearly a Bills player. But Brown remains unemployed as the NFL continues to investigate claims by multiple women that they were sexually assaulted by Brown. One of those women filed a civil lawsuit against Brown, while the other detailed claims in an interview with Sports Illustrated.  

The interest by Seattle is a little surprising. I understand that they badly need help at the wide receiver position, but even the Patriots couldn't dodge the controversy surrounding Brown. Bill Belichick was storming out of press conferences, Brown has claimed he'll never play in the NFL again and he's got roughly eight grievances pending against various NFL teams for about $40 million, including the Patriots.

In other words, you sign Brown and you're inviting some fairly serious baggage into your house. Still, his agent Drew Rosenhaus has been pretty impressive in terms of managing to find Brown work. It helps to have Hall of Fame talent. 

Rosenhaus told Schefter there are "a few teams that are very interested in signing Antonio once this process is over."

Who could be interested in signing Brown moving forward? It would stand to reason we can eliminate the Steelers, Raiders, Bills, Patriots and Seahawks given historical and recent events. 

The Dolphins, Browns, Falcons, Bengals, Jets, Broncos, Bears, Lions, Buccaneers and Cardinals all have three wins or less. Surely they wouldn't be inclined to take a gamble on Brown. I didn't include the Redskins there because, well, they're the Redskins. I would definitely lob them in the group of teams who would be interested.

Go ahead and rule out the Vikings, as they have good receivers on the roster. The Panthers don't feel like a fit. People will mention the Packers, but their wide receivers are not bad. The Chargers have bigger problems. I can't see Brown fitting with the Jaguars, Texans, Titans or Colts from a culture fit/schematic perspective/roster setup.

Kansas City could potentially make sense. The 49ers wouldn't be a bad landing spot, although they just traded for Emmanuel Sanders. I think the Rams are probably good to go, although with Brandin Cooks potentially missing a lot of time, I could see Les Snead going for broke. The Saints are not scared of being aggressive and missed out on a wide receiver at the trade deadline.

So it's certainly possible he has a landing spot or a fit out there. But I'm not convinced he ends up being cleared by the NFL in the immediate future and at some point it's going to get too late in the season to bring him into work. 

But if Wilson was interested, it certainly changes how you perceived the possibility of Brown fitting on a roster. It also tells you just how desperate the Seahawks were to get a wideout in the building.