The Denver Broncos' decision to trade and then extend quarterback Russell Wilson is looking like the worst decision of the entire NFL offseason, as the Broncos fell to 2-4 with their second consecutive overtime loss on Monday night to the Los Angeles Chargers. Wilson is now on just the second three-game losing streak of his career, and things aren't getting any better.

Apart from Wilson's on-field play, how he handles himself has begun to be criticized as well. Wilson is an eternal optimist who always tries to keep things in perspective and push through adversity, but that attitude isn't beloved by everyone. 

During Monday night postgame coverage on NFL Network, the word "robot" was thrown around to describe Wilson's demeanor. Wilson's former Seattle Seahawks teammate Michael Robinson also went in on Wilson for not being "human." 

"How can you stand up there and you know the offense looks like this, you know all these questions are out here about you and about this offense, and you just say 'Oh we just need to execute better, let's ride. We need to execute better, let's ride,'" Robinson said. "If you're a teammate in that locker room, you're like, 'Dude! Be human! Please! Call somebody out, be upset about something.' Don't just act like this is just business as usual."

Robinson also said he hopes that mutiny isn't afoot. Russ got his huge extension before the season, and now that he's underperforming, it could rub teammates the wrong way. 

Wilson is completing just 58.6 percent of his passes this season, a career low. The Broncos have also scored a touchdown on just three of their 15 red-zone drives -- which marks the lowest red-zone touchdown percentage in the NFL (20 percent). First-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett isn't innocent when it comes to Denver's offensive struggles either, as he's made several head-scratching decisions from the jump. The good news for the Broncos is that we are just six games through the regular season, and there's time to turn the campaign around. Their mission to bounce back begins this Sunday, as Denver hosts the 4-2 New York Jets