Ryan Fitzpatrick's huge day came after one of his sons convinced another to add him in fantasy

If you're familiar with the Ryan Fitzpatrick Cycle, then you know that the first stage is him absolutely balling out for a new team after the quarterback that he's backing up mysteriously disappears. We call this stage of the cycle "Fitzmagic." This is Fitzpatrick's second season with the Buccaneers, so the Fitzmagic stage should have been over. However, in Week 1 on Sunday while playing in place of a suspended Jameis Winston, Fitzpatrick absolutely shredded the Saints' defense to the tune of 417 yards, four touchdowns and a road win.

According to Fitzpatrick, one of his sons convinced the other to pick him up in fantasy football.

"So my 9-year-old son, Tate, convinced my 11-year-old son, Brady, to put me on his fantasy team today," Fitzpatrick told Peter King, via Business Insider. "I didn't even know Brady played fantasy football. I guess it was a good decision."

It was a ridiculous display from Fitzpatrick, who shredded the Saints' defense and looked really good doing it. He put balls in positions for his receivers to make plays, and they made them.

We've seen this from Fitzpatrick before during stints on the Rams, Bengals, Bills, Titans, Texans and Jets. In his first career game in 2005 with the Rams, Fitzpatrick threw for 310 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Rams to a win against the Texans. He went on to start -- and lose -- the next three games. For the Bengals, Fitzpatrick started 12 games in 2008.

His longest -- and most tumultuous -- stint came on the Bills. Fitzpatrick played four seasons with Buffalo. In 2010, his first season, Fitzpatrick played 13 games after Trent Edwards was benched after two bad games. He threw for 3,000 yards exactly, but the Bills went just 4-9 with him at the helm. In 2011, Fitzpatrick was the team's starter as the Bills went 6-10 (with a 1-8 finish). The next season, Fitzpatrick went to the Titans. He took over in Week 4 for an injured Jake Locker. Though the team struggled all year, it won its last two games.

In 2014, for the Texans, Fitzpatrick started the season as the starter before he was benched after Week 9. When Ryan Mallett was injured, Fitz took over again, finishing the season with two wins in three games. Finally, with the 2016 Jets, after being benched for Geno Smith, Fitzpatrick came back when Smith was hurt and led the Jets to a wild win over the Texans.

Every step of the way, Fitzpatrick would start well for a new team before blowing it up spectacularly. That stage is called "Fitztragic."

Winston will return to the team after Week 3, but it Fitzpatrick keeps playing like this, don't be surprised to see Dirk Koetter keep him out there for a bit longer to see if he can keep playing at this level. Obviously fantasy owners shouldn't get too enamored with Fitzpatrick -- we've all seen this movie before -- but it's a heck of a way to start the season either way.

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