While many people think every football play starts with the quarterback, it actually starts with the center. Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill realizes this, and decided to help out his center when he needed it most. 

Nashville suffered back-to-back days of severe weather earlier this week. On Sunday, a rare weather event called a "derecho" swept through the Music City. According to The Tennessean, a derecho is specific type of weather event that includes strong winds and a line of rapidly moving thunderstorms. Derechos also include wind gusts of at least 58 mph sustained through the storm, and higher gusts of 75 mph wind. Basically, it's a windstorm that is much like a tornado. What occurred on Sunday was the worst straight-line wind event to hit Middle Tennessee in more than 15 years. Some of the worst damage occurred across the Nashville metro area, knocking out power to a record-breaking 130,000 Nashville Electric Service customers.

Titans center Ben Jones was one of those affected by the power outage, and once three days went by without electricity, he knew he had to ask for help. Jones says Tannehill offered a helping hand and allowed his family to stay at the quarterback's house.

"I have a great teammate who is not staying in Nashville right now, so we are staying at his house," Jones said on a Zoom call with reporters on Thursday, via The Tennesseean. "Tannehill came in clutch for us because it got a little cold (Wednesday)." 

Tannehill is currently in Florida, riding out the COVID-19 pandemic with his family. With his house unoccupied, he had no problem allowing his center to move in for a bit. 

Nashville can't seem to catch a break when it comes to severe weather. In March, a tornado rumbled through downtown and east Nashville -- staying on the ground for for 50 miles and killing 24 people. The Titans Foundation donated $1 million in relief funds and the players spent time in the most affected areas, helping clean up the community. Interestingly enough, Jones actually helped defensive lineman Austin Johnson back in March when his house was damaged by a tornado.

"They were the first guys we reached out to," Jones told Jim Wyatt of the Titans' official website. "Knowing his wife, and our wives are close and we know it's rough. I'm just happy he's safe, and they weren't at home at the time so that was great news. I know we've offered him places to stay, showed him places he can rent. We just want to be there for him because I know it's tough -- because when you come home and you don't have a place to go ... and all your valuables are in there -- we wanted to make sure we got something on his roof so he didn't lose his valuables that were in there."

Clearly, good begets good, and another Titans teammate repaid Jones' favor by giving him electricity and a new home for a little while.