Since being cut by the Browns back in March 2016, Johnny Manziel hasn’t really received any interest from the NFL, which is why it was a pretty big surprise earlier this month when a report came out that Johnny Football had met with Saints coach Sean Payton during Super Bowl week. 

Although the Saints were in the market for a backup quarterback at the time of the meeting, Payton said this week that he wasn’t necessarily looking to add Manziel to the roster.  

“We met for breakfast,” the Saints coach said on Wednesday, via USA Today. “It was my first time having a chance to talk to him. I’ll leave it at that, that was just what it was.”

Payton also added that it “made sense to me to get to know [Manziel] a little bit” because he never really got to scout the former Heisman winner while he was at Texas A&M. Due to Bountygate, Payton was suspended for the 2012 season and wasn’t able to participate in anything that might help the Saints, including scouting. 

Now that Payton’s met Johnny Football and seen him play, the Saints coach thinks Manziel does have a shot at returning to the NFL. 

“He’s got a skill set that’s unique -- good feet, he can create. I’ve seen him play one game live,” Payton said. “He’s got some work to do, but he’s got arm talent, I don’t think any of those things are a question right now.”

Of course, if Manziel were to sign with any team, there’s still a possibility that he could face a suspension as a result of his domestic violence case from January 2016, something that Payton and other NFL teams seem to be well aware of. 

“I think that generally, it will be a clean, quiet, no track record, probably tryout type of opportunity,” Payton said of a team possibly signing Manziel, via PFT. “I’m not saying that’s what we’re doing, but if it happens, there’s some steps he’s going to have to take with the league to be in a position to play.”

Manziel seems to know that he has to clean up his image. Back in January, Manziel went on a tweet storm where he promised to stop being a “douche.” He also added that he hasn’t been “this happy” in a long time.  

In the past month alone, Manziel has gotten engaged, and he also got re-hired by the same agent who fired him in 2016, which seems to be a solid step toward a possible NFL return. 

Manziel also seems to have the right attitude. 

“If I played in a preseason game, I’d treat it like the Super Bowl,” Manziel said at an autograph event in February.

Unfortunately for Manziel, the Saints likely won’t be adding him anytime soon: They just signed Chase Daniel to serve as a backup quarterback to Drew Brees