Salvation Army kettle on tour after Ezekiel Elliott celebration

The Sunday Night Football touchdown celebration by Ezekiel Elliott is the gift that won't stop giving.

After the Dallas Cowboys rookie celebrated his TD by finding the big red Salvation Army kettle and hopping inside, wheels were set into motion that would see the charity receive a massive surge in online donations this past week -- nearly topping $1 million.

And now the famous big red kettle is making its rounds hoping to generate even more revenue to help those in need.

Knowing he could be fined by the NFL after the fact, Elliott himself proclaimed any fine would be matched by a subsequent donation to the charity.

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The league opted instead to not penalize the rookie financially, but Elliott held fast to his word and donated $21,000 to the Salvation Army anyway. With the kettle now on its very own charitable tour, it'll have a chance itself to help further the gracious cause this holiday season.

What a wonderful story this has all become.

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